Jacob & Grace

April 13, 2019Indianapolis, IN

Our Story
It All Happened at UD...

It all started, as many stories do, with a chance encounter on a college campus.

A recruiting event for all of the clubs, Up the Orgs was a time for freshmen to be bombarded by all of the organizations UD had to offer in a few short hours. A starry-eyed Grace made her way to the field with an objective in mind: find out if there was an Anime Club, and join it!

Up and down the aisles she moved, taking fliers when she was too nervous to refuse, and sometimes getting pulled into conversations with enthusiastic upperclassmen, but finally she spotted a table that stood out from the rest. DVDs littered the surface, and a group of students wearing goofy hats stood by a poster board of pictures from a myriad of shows, some she recognized, some she didn't. She had found them at last!

Jacob, of course, was among them. Serving as Treasurer for the club in his second year at school, he and his friends had worked hard to re-vitalize the UD International Animation Club. They were seeing a boom in membership and got excited by every new name added to their sign-up sheet. A girl was animatedly chatting with the club president about all the different shows she had seen, some popular, some obscure. He thought she looked cute, but didn't want to interrupt their conversation. The next time he looked over, she was gone.

Yeah, we didn't technically meet that day.

We DID meet the next day though. Completely by chance. But the first part was important, I promise!

See, Grace was trying to live those first few weeks of college to the fullest, and that meant partying. In fact, the same day she added her name to the Anime Club member list, she went out to a party and learned beer pong for the first time! She got very drunk. So drunk, in fact, that when most of the girls on her floor went out the next night, she wasn't planning on going with them.

But a friend offered to let her tag along with them to visit some of their friends from the marching band. "We're just going to go to their place for a few drinks and then hit up a house party, want to come?" She agreed, threw on something comfy (but still cute!) and followed them to Campus South, an apartment building filled with sophomores. She didn't know who these band people were, but they would be okay with her tagging along, right? The door opened...

And there stood Jacob. A look of bewilderment crossed his face before he threw his hands up with a "Hey!"

Grace swore she had seen him before, really, she must know him from somewhere. But the last 24 hours had involved some heavy drinking, and her memory was fuzzy. So many new faces in so little time, all she could say was "I'm sorry! I don't actually remember you!"

It was total coincidence that he lived with the friends they were visiting, a one-in-a-million chance (okay, more like one-in-a-hundred) but once they re-established how they knew each other, the conversation flowed as freely as the alcohol at a typical college party. A friendship was built that night on a shared love of many nerdy things, and the relationship budded soon after.

Now, six years later, we will take the next big step in life together. We are happy to share in this celebration with all of the friends and family who supported us and watched us develop from that lucky meeting into the steady love we have today.

The Wedding

Saturday, April 13, 2019
Attire: Wedding
Ceremony and Reception
The Willows
6729 Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46220, USA
Wedding Party

Josh Yoho - Best Man
Justin Birt - Groomsman
Quinn Casselberry - Groomsman
Brad Walchak - Groomsman
Rhiannon Matsuzak - Maid of Honor
Clare Stannard - Bridesmaid
Sarah Stannard - Bridesmaid
Claire Brownfield - Bridesmaid